£3500 OCZ OCZSSDPCIE-ZDP841T Z-Drive P84 1TB PCI Express SSD

Designed for ultra high-end consumers seeking the optimum all-in-one storage solution, the OCZ Z-Drive takes the SATA bottleneck out of the equation by employing a high-speed PCI-Express architecture for ultimate performance.

With an internal four-way RAID 0 configuration that enables up to 870MB/s read and 780MB/s write, the pushes the envelope in storage performance like no other solid state or hard disk solution.

In addition, the Z-Drive features these impressive speeds all while providing lower power consumption, superior durability, and shock resistance. The Z-Drive is the result of the latest breakthroughs at OCZ and builds on our expertise in flash-based storage.

This proprietary solution is comprised of a compact enterprise-grade RAID array and utilizes 8 PCIe lanes to deliver incredible performance that translates to professional-class data storage in a complete, all-in-one form factor.

The Z-Drive offers ultra-fast data access that significantly outperforms HDDs and capacities up to 1 Terabyte, making it an ideal solution for applications that put a premium on both performance and maximum storage capacity.

Unlike other solutions, the Z-Drive provides a cost-effective formula of performance, reliability, and upkeep for enterprise customers and their applications which require the benefits of solid state drive technology.

Impressive speeds are achieved all while providing lower power consumption, superior durability, and shock resistance compared to traditional rotational-based drives, translating into exceptional energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.

You can buy this OCZ OCZSSDPCIE-ZDP841T Z-Drive 1TB SSD for £3500 from Play.com