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Barnes & Noble To Rival Kindle With Android E-book Reader

Barnes and Noble, the US-based book retailer, will bring some much needed competition to Amazon's Kindle range of products and has enlisted the help of a well known partner, Google's Android.

Daniel Jorrison, an executive with Fictionwise, a content partner for e-book maker Plastic Logic that Barnes and Noble acquired back in March 2009 for $16 million, told Jennifer Van Grove, an associate editor for Mashable that a colour reader from Plastic Logic will "run the B&N application", bearing the B&N brand.

The New York Times has also reported that Barnes and Noble has issued invitations for an event to be held on the 20th of October in New York. There's also the initial article by the Wall Street Journal that laid the main details of the B&N ebook reader.

The E-Ink based device will apparently sport a 6-inch display, is likely to have WiFi but no 3G due to battery concerns. As previously mentioned, it will be powered by Android, although the modular aspect of the mobile operating system means that manufacturers can literally pick and choose which features they want on their devices. There are also rumours that it will be able to lend "books" to other B&N ebook readers as well.

It is interesting to see one more traditional book store embrace ebooks. In the UK, Borders has partnered with Elonex to launch a £189 Ebook reader in July 2009 and B&N has already produced a number of products for the ebook market via its Fictionwise division.

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Barnes and Noble is the largest book seller in the US while Fictionwise is one of the largest electronic book retailers there. Both however have faced serious competition from the rise of Amazon and other competitors.

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