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Facebook & Twitter To Land On Xbox 360 On 17th Of November?

Popular social networking services Facebook and Twitter will be available on Microsoft's Xbox 360 platform very soon according to an update on the official Xbox 360 UK page.

Both services will need an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and are being shown as "coming soon" with a launch date in Autumn 2009 although hours before, an advert appeared on the page saying the official launch date had been set for the 17th of November.

Under the heading "Get together", the splash screen mentions that Xbox users will be able to invite Facebook friends to play over Xbox Live and see them up close with full screen photos. But Microsoft didn't stop there; Xbox 360 users will be able to post in-game screen shots and other activities thanks to the integrated Facebook connect feature.

As for Twitter, Xbox 360 is set to replicate the service and even allow users to reply and post updates although an optional keyboard will have to be purchased. A beta testing phase will be taking place in the US between the 15th and the 31st of October.

Microsoft released an update for its gaming console last month which will prepare the system's dashboard and also pave the way for Last.FM and Sky Player.

The 17th of November will coincide with the Black Friday's holiday shopping, the most active shopping period for US retailers after Christmas.

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Sony is still lagging behind on Facebook and Twitter integration, prompting some to say that PS3 users will get theirs in 2011. Both rival platforms are locked in a fight to see which console will become the ultimate all rounder media centers.

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