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RIM's Blackberry Storm 2 To Arrive At Vodafone For £30 Per Month

The successor of the Blackberry Storm, aptly named, Storm 2, will go on sale soon on mobile phone network Vodafone for as little as £30 per month according to news reports.

According to an article published by the Guardian, the phone, which will replace the Storm as the company's only full touchscreen smartphone, will come with a long contract (possibly 24 months) to make up for the cost of the phone's subsidy.

Storm 2 on Vodafone was quasi confirmed on the 12th August when pictures of the yet unannounced smartphone bearing the Vodafone logo was leaked online.

No release dates have been given but it is understood that it will happen before the end of November. RIM has apparently managed to solve a few issues like the SurePress technology (that has been significantly revamped), the lack of WiFi. It will also introduce a few touch sensitive buttons just below the screen.

The phone, likely to be an evolution of Storm version one, will keep the same 3.2-inch touchscreen (with a screen resolution of 480x360 pixels) and will run OS 5.0. There's also a 3.2-megapixel camera for the happy snappers, A-GPS plus 18GB of storage onboard.

Still at £30, the Storm 2 will be cheaper than the iPhone 3G or the Palm Pre which are both available from O2 for £34.26 (soon to become £35).

That said given the fact that both Orange and Vodafone will be releasing iPhones over the next few months, one can expect monthly tariffs to come doubt, albeit fractionally.

Our Comments

We certainly can't wait to find out what Stephen Fry, who literally tore the initial storm online, will react to this new iteration. Will it be different enough compared to the first one? Only time will tell.

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