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Sky To Debut Sky Songs Digital Music Service

Sky is all set to join the league of digital music providers with its new online music service which is poised to be launched on Monday 19th of October.

The new service will offer music enthusiasts a massive four million music tracks for download as well as for ad-free streaming, and the broadcaster is pitching hopes that it will challenge the dominance of Apple iTunes and Spotify in digital music arena.

The company has already penned deal with four big music labels including Terra Firma Capital Partners-owned EMI, Warner, Sony, and Universal, to offer both new releases and oldies to music lovers.

In addition to the aforementioned four major brands, other independent labels and distributors, such as The Orchard, PIAS Entertainment Group, the Beggars Group, IODA and VidZone Digital Media, will also offer their content via Sky Songs.

However, unlike Spotify, which is free to users and has advertising as its principal source of funding, Sky Songs will be available to customers on subscription-basis, with the pricing structure will start from £6.49 per month, and a second subscription will be available for £7.99 per month.

The lower subscription fee allows for downloading an album or 10 songs, while the second subscription lets users download 15 songs. However, both packages involve unlimited streaming of a whopping four million tracks for one month (if you can stream that many that is).

Mike Darcey, chief operating officer at Sky, said in a statement: “Sky Songs will reach out to consumers who want legitimate digital services offering choice, ease of use and great value”.

Our Comments

Some welcomed competition to Spotify, finally. Now Virgin Media had also announced a similar programme, so it will be interesting to find out whether this happens or not. Sky hasn't say if it intends to launch a mobile version of this service. Still at £6.49, the offer significantly undercuts Spotify whose main competitive advantages remain the number of tracks it offers and the fact that it has a mobile version of its service.

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