Apple Accepts Snow Leopard Data Loss Glitch

A critical vulnerability in the Apple’s Snow Leopard operating System seems to have erased user’s information after the user’s logged into the guest accounts on the affected Macintosh.

According to the reports, when the user first completes the session using guest login, and subsequently logs back into his own account, he finds that the data stored in the Home folder has been wiped out.

The issue has been found to be surfacing frequently as a noticeable number of users have already lodged their complaints with the Apple support forums.

Apple too has admitted about the reported technical glitch, but maintained that it isn’t affecting many users, and that its team is working on to provide a fix for the issue as soon as possible.

An Apple spokesperson said in a statement on Monday, “We are aware of the issue, which occurs only in extremely rare cases, and we are working on a fix”.

While some users have managed to restore their data by using Apple’s Time machine back-up application after being smacked by the technical flaw, many have been left with no clue on how to get their all important files back.

One handy way to back-up your data from Home folder is pressing and holding “C” while the system is starting-up and clicking “Restore from Backup” given in the “Utilities” menu.