Apple Board Member Arthur Levinson Quits Google

The US anti-trust probe looking into possible entanglement between Apple and Google has taken one more casualty with Genentech Inc. Chairman Arthur Levinson resigning from the Google Board of Directors.

It is interesting to note that Google CEO Eric Schmidt had already resigned from Apple, a few months back and Levinson was the last executive who sat on the board of both companies.

Some analysts believe that the Federal Trade Commission investigation should be scrapped as both men have voluntarily resigned from the boards of the two companies.

The antitrust investigation is looking into whether Google and Apple has infringed the anti trust law by sharing the directors when both the companies are in direct competition with each other.

Of late many products of both the company’s are in direct competition which includes Google’s Chrome Browser which is in direct competition with Apple’s Safari while its Android mobile device is vying with Apple’s iPod in the markets.

With Google making more and more inroads into Apple’s turf, the suspicions of investigators were bound to increase and the move by executives to sever their ties with one of the two companies is seen by many as an attempt to pacify concerns related to a possible collusion of interest.