EC Advocated Enhanced Collaboration To Tackle Spam

The European Commission has called upon the UK, along with other member states, to play a more prominent role in tackling spam, and urged the states to adopt a more concerted approach to deal with the problem.

In a study published over the last weekend, the Commission stated that there have been comparatively fewer formal checks or co-ordinated measures in place in the UK for tackling spam, in spite of the fact that the government has a record of working closely with ISPs as well as businesses to handle the situation better.

Citing the same, the report quoted: “Although legislation has been introduced, sanctions are limited, and few resources have been allocated to the agencies charged with enforcing the rules. No cases have been reported of action being taken against spammers”.

Information Commissioner Viviane Reding expressed concerns over a sizeable population of EU member states being impacted by the huge mass of unwanted emails.

Calling for improved strategies to crack down on spammers, Reding said in a speech: “We need to step up our fight against spammers and make sure that the EU adopts legislation that provides for strong civil and criminal sanctions against spammers.”

Reding further emphasised the need for enhanced cooperation among the member states, as efforts to curb spamming varies from state to state.