HP Prepares For Windows 7 With The Touchsmart 600 All in One Computer

HP is resolutely betting on Windows 7 with a number of computers - amongst which the Touchsmart 600 - that will go on sale on the 22nd with Microsoft's latest OS and will take advantage of its advanced multitouch functionality.

The Touchsmart 600 is a stylish all in one computer that comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB RAM, an integrated Nvidia Geforce G200 graphics module (ed: the G200 seems to be only available as a discrete, standalone chip), DVD slot-in drive (with a possible Bluray Option) and 750GB storage

Movie buffs will also find a remote control, a TV tuner and webcam, Wireless Keyboard and mouse (still no keyboard + touchpad combo), HDMI and composite video inputs, WiFi, Bluetooth and GbE connectivity. The centrepiece of the Touchsmart 600 is its 23-inch full HD touchscreen display. A smaller model, the Touchsmart 300 will come with a 20-inch one and an AMD subsystem.

Both Touchsmart models will also incorporate Windows 7 Touchpad which offers multitouch gesture capabilities out of the box. HP will offer a number of "exclusive applications" that will include Hulu Desktop, Pandora Internet Radio, Netflix, TouchSmart TV, TouchSmart Canvas and TouchSmart Recipe Box. Unfortunately a number of those services will only be available in the US.

Our Comments

These great-looking computers have only been announced in the US for now but should be available over here as well. Pricing is likely to be around £800 for the Touchsmart 600 and £700 for the Touchsmart 300.

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