Nearly 10 Million People In UK Have No Access To The Web

In what is likely to come across as a surprising revelation to many, nearly 10 million people across UK have never ever used the internet according to a new report unveiled by the government’s Digital Inclusion Team.

The report commissioned by the Digital Inclusion Team, which incidentally is lead by noted entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox, has come up with striking facts which seem to suggest that nearly 17 percent of Britain’s population have never been online owing to multiple reasons ranging from poverty to social exclusion.

The report specifically looks at the savings that government can make if it interacted with such people online in various areas and puts the figure at £900 million per year if a majority of people devoid of internet access are brought online.

The report also highlights the fact that households which do not have internet access also tend to lose out on savings of around £560 a year, as paying bills online is easier and many goods are offered online at lesser prices.

Many analysts believe that the government needs to actively work on getting people who are socially disadvantaged online, if it is serious about ushering in a digital economy in UK as envisioned in the Digital Britain report.