Nintendo’s Wii Balance Boards May Soon Find Use In Airport Security

According to a report by CNN, it seems likely that the US Department of Homeland Security(DHS) may start utilizing Nintendo’s Wii Balance Boards for screening suspected passengers.

A new technique called Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) is all set to be rolled out at several key American airports and it may use Wii balance boards to apprehend the potential terrorists.

Incidentally FAST monitors the physical state of a person like heart rate, inconsistencies in breathing and eye movement to look for the telltale signs of suspected terrorists.

The new technique works on the premise that a suspected terrorist would be more likely to shuffle his feet subjected to the balance board which would then help the officials to set people aside for secondary grilling.

It is important to note that researchers are using a modified form of the balance boards to analyze the elusive body weight change of the person and to ascertain their intentions that whether there is a smack of fidgety.

However the DHS is still carrying out an investigation to study whether the Wii balance boards can prove beneficial for the identification of suspected passengers who can be asked to go through a more sharpen screening.