SMEs Alerted To Be More Watchful About IT Frauds

Small and medium enterprises are being cautioned to embrace effective data protection measures to do away with any potential dangers in the future.

This week is being marked as National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, and a research study commissioned by the storage firm Fellowes has disclosed that around 79 percent of the small businesses surveyed are potentially placing their corporate identity at risk by not destroying the sensitive material before it is recycled.

In addition, SMEs have also been told to keep a vigil eye over the data stored on PCs as well as mobile devices, as a survey from the security vendor Symantec revealed that around a quarter of the SMEs have suffered security infringements, and around 13% of those have even saw financial losses as a result.

Ross Walker, chief of the SMEs at Symantec UK and Ireland, said in a statement: “When you think of ID risk, people tend to think of the risk to themselves as individuals, but the fact is that it can impact businesses too, and SMEs are the most at risk”.

He further suggested that effective security didn’t need exhaustive measures, and could be achieved by implementing good techniques, like updating security software on a regular basis, employing firewalls and password-protection, to name a few.