T-Mobile Temporarily Suspends Sidekick Sales

Following an immense decry over the sudden outage and accidental data loss among Sidekick users, the US network operator T-Mobile has decided to temporarily suspend the sales of the Sidekick smartphone from Monday.

Sidekick models are being billed as “temporarily out of stock” on the network operator’s website, after reports of a technical glitch in the Sidekick’s software and online services provider Danger, a subsidiary of Microsoft, have been surfaced last week.

T-Mobile and Microsoft Corp. have already extended their apologies to the affected users, and assured them to redress the situation at the earliest.

In an apologetic admission, the duo asserted that some of the Sidekick users might have lost their crucial personal information, including contact details, phone numbers, calendars, to-do lists, or images, due to a severe technical failure at Microsoft’s Danger.

Although T-Mobile has vowed an update on the situation with the immediate effect, but asserted that the probability of getting the erased data was “extremely low”.

In a bid to mollify the afflicted users, T-Mobile has announced, along with one-month of free data service, that all the affected customers will be entitled to receive a gift card worth $100, which can be used to buy T-Mobile products and services.