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Google Allows Voice Users To Invite Friends And Families

Google has allowed the users of the service to send our invites to friends and family, in what seems like a move to popularise its Google Voice service through viral publicity and follows a similar scheme on Google Wave.

Currently the Google Voice service is not open to all and one has to request for an invite which Google places in its queue; however with its current users getting the chance to invite others, many more people will be now able to use the service.

However one must that note that currently a Google Voice user can only send out 3 invitees though the company promises to allow more invites in near future as it ramps up support.

Google Voice has been in news for various reasons, from being supposedly blocked from the Apple’s app store to being a subject of US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) inquiries.

Apart from controversies, Google Voice has also generated huge interest amongst people for the host of features it offers which include single number calling and transcribing of voice mails.

The new invite-a-friend option is likely to be added to many Goggle Voice accounts on the left side pane, in the coming weeks though it is not likely to feature on all the accounts immediately.

Our Comments

Google has often used the invite a friend feature to help distribute and spread the word around. The same will be achieved with Google Voice although the bigger issue remains the fact that the service is only available in the US and has yet to be rolled out in other territories. It will be interesting to find out how Google Voice manages to cope on mobile platforms as well.

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