Google Reveals Anti-Malware Tool For Webmasters

In a move aimed at curtailing the spread of malware across the internet and help webmasters to repair compromised websites, the search engine giant Google has come up with a new feature in its Webmaster Tools that is designed to identify malware infections.

The new feature called “Malware Details” comes up as a link on the Labs menu on the left pane of the Webmaster Tools screen. It offers a comprehensive set of details regarding where Google apparently discovered the malware besides providing examples of the suspected content package.

It is important to note that Google has been scanning websites for possible malware infection for long and it also clearly marks out sites it suspects of containing a malware, in its search results.

While it did use to mark out the infected sites and warned users against visiting them, it did not give details about the kind of infection and this has often kept the webmasters of the affected sites guessing for clues.

Apart from removing suspected malware content, Google has also advised webmasters to look at the reasons which led to their site being compromised and has warned that if the underlying vulnerabilities are not addressed, the sites can again get compromised.

Our Comments

Google, it seems, is ramping up the good job it is doing for webmasters who use its back end services. The Anti malware tool will help webmasters become more proactive as they try to clean up any issues with which their websites are associated. Still, Google has been pretty much opaque when it comes to any abrupt changes in ranking or spam-related concerns.

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