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Microsoft Solves 34 Vulnerabilities With Big, Fat Security Update

As announced last week, Microsoft has addressed a jaw-dropping 34 vulnerabilities in 13 security updates in its traditional Patch Tuesday for the month of October, closing a host of critical vulnerabilities in its Windows operating system as well as other software suites.

Of the total 13 bulletins, eight have been tagged as “critical”, while the remaining five bulletins have been rated as “important”.

The critical bulletins include patches for components in the Server Message Block (SMB), Windows Media Player and Runtime, Internet Explorer, .Net and GDI Library, and Active Template Library.

All the eight critical vulnerabilities, if exploited, could allow the hacker to execute codes on the victim’s computer remotely and eventually seize control over the system resources.

Furthermore, the five important bulletins contain a couple of fixes for vulnerabilities relating to remote code execution, along with a pair of fixes for the denial of service flaws, an elevation of privilege vulnerability, as well as a spoofing snag.

In addition, Microsoft’s Windows 7 also received a pair of critical patches intended to plug the security holes that could enable hackers to take control over the victim’s computer by remotely infiltrating malicious codes in it.

The software company noted that the security patch also contains a re-issue of the earlier-fixed flaw in the XML Code Services component of Windows.

Our Comments

All Windows users should download and install these vulnerabilities and it is likely that your operating system will have downloaded the long list of patches already and automatically installed them. Microsoft maybe mulling plans to roll a Windows Vista SP2 bundle fairly soon with Windows 7 SP1 possibly at the end of next year to iron out those pesky bugs.

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