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UK Demand For Palm Pre Surpasses That Of The iPhone 2G

It looks as if O2 has yet another winner on its hands with the Palm Pre if a survey commissioned by TNS is to be believed; it showed that more than a quarter of those questioned in the research expressed an interest in buying the Palm Pre.

The phone, which goes on sale on Friday 16th and has already sold more than one million units in the US, gathered a bigger percentage of the more votes than the initial iPhone when it was launched back in 2007. Back then, only one in six of those surveyed said they were "definitely or probably" going to snap up Apple's smartphone.

Furthermore, nearly a third of those probed said they were willing to switch mobile operators to get the Pre on O2. The Palm smartphone will remain an O2 exclusivity for a foreseeable future.

TNS commented on the survey, saying that "While awareness of the Palm Pre is lower than that of the iPhone pre-launch, the figures suggest that once the new handset hits the shelves it has the potential to capture a substantial share of the UK's smartphone market".

There are a few significant differences between now and then. The iPhone, back in 2007, was a pioneer and a trendsetter while the Pre is launching in the UK after three generations of iPhone, ten months after it debuted in the US.

In addition, while O2 and Apple charged £270 for the phone at launch, Pre has decided to give away the Pre with a two year contract instead.

Our Comments

The Palm Pre is possibly the nearest smartphone that can claim the title of "iPhone killer". It comes with a 3.1-inch capacitive touchscreen, a 3.2-megapixel camera and a proper Qwerty keyboard. But the brightest aspect of the phone is its WebOS platform that gives the iPhone OS a run for its money.

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