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UK Government To Invest Massively In High Tech Virtual Communities In 2010

The UK government is ramping up its proposed plans of extending broadband access across the UK by forming high-tech communities endowed with next-generation broadband technology.

Nick Appleyard, chief technologist at the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), talked about the government’s plans to boost up the broadband technology across the country.

He noted that as many as three areas in the UK would be selected for trialling out the advanced broadband technology, which would offer both high-speed broadband along with a range of other broadband services.

Discussing the same, he said: "The user will get access to a whole load of sexy new stuff that’s five years ahead of the game that they just can’t get anywhere else, while service providers will be able to do experiments with the things and see what works and what doesn’t".

The TSB is in the search of the IT companies that can build the network in the selected locations, and believes that the project would be up and running by as early as the next summer.

In an another story, Business Minister Lord Mandelson, at the Innovate ‘09’ expo, has announced an industry competition for £39.5 million worth of government funding to upgrade technology in a wide range of arenas, including transport, logistics, agriculture, low-carbon housing, medicine, to name a few.

Our Comments

This is great news for rural community's but again, whether this ultimately works depends on whether commercial players like Vodafone, BT or Virgin Media find it attractive or not. Dishing out financial incentives is not good enough since they are paid directly by the taxpayers.

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