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Vodafone Teams Up With Decho To Roll Out Cloud Based PC Backup

Leading telecom major Vodafone is all set to roll out a new cloud based service that is designed to offer remote PC backup service to its customers besides giving them the facility to share content online.

Vodafone has collaborated with Decho to offer the new service across different countries in Europe and the service is essentially based on the Decho’s Mozy online backup platform.

Some of the key features of the service include the ability to securely backup date to a remote server besides offering scheduled backups and usage of bandwidth throttling to optimise the use of the available bandwidth.

The new service also offers a user friendly way to access the data through a web browser and it also stringently implements data security because all data is encrypted by the service before it is transferred online.

Though exact pricing details of the new service are not known, the company says that it might look to offer the service as a part of a top end network tariff or even bundle it with its normal broadband plans.

Analysts believe that the new service from Vodafone, which explores the commercial possibilities of cloud computing, is likely to go down well with its users owing to the fact the Vodafone is likely to bundle the service with some of its broadband plans which is going to keep the prices on the lower side.

Our Comments

This is essentially white labelling/reselling a third party's service. McAfee did it previously with Mozy and we suspect that other well known names will soon follow suite and offer the service as a way of differentiating their offerings from the rest of the market. Mozy has already reached one million customers and users can already backup their content for free (at least their first 2GB).

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