£35 p/m Blackberry Storm 2 On Vodafone - 600 min ultd text ultd internet

Brace yourself. The Storm2 has BlackBerry's most responsive, comfortable touchscreen yet. Tap to respond instantly to emails and Facebook updates that reach you like lightning. Or get your music, videos, photos and more all in one place.

Its look and feel will blow you away too. So will the phenomenal battery life. Your photos get a boost as well - the 3.2 megapixel camera with flash takes care of that. Then show off your shots on the large screen, which is also perfect for viewing websites.

There's GPS navigation too, support for popular webmail accounts and the chance to boost the memory with a microSD card. This Storm really is a force of nature. Type with confidence - a smarter, faster, more accurate touchscreen. Life as it happens - all your email and updates, the instant they arrive.

"The Storm 2 is a minor update to the original Storm - which was launched in November 2008 - and will be available exclusively from Vodafone for a foreseeable future. It sticks to the same form factor and roughly the same specifications including the Blackberry OS 5."

You can buy this Blackberry Storm for £35 per month from Vodafone.