Blackberry Storm 2 Available On Vodafone For £35 Per Month

Mobile phone operator Vodafone has formally announced that it will be selling the Blackberry Storm 2 in a few days, on the 26th of October, for as little as £35 per month on a two year contract.

The Storm 2 is a minor update to the original Storm - which was launched in November 2008 - and will be available exclusively from Vodafone for a foreseeable future. It sticks to the same form factor and roughly the same specifications including the Blackberry OS 5.

The SurePress technology is said to be a vast improvement over the previous one (with better typing accuracy and a more "tactile" feel) while users will rejoice at the news that RIM has decided to include WiFi connectivity.

The rest of the feature list remains a known quantity; a 3.25-inch 480x360 touchscreen display, a 3.2-megapixel camera, 2GB internal memory, GSP, 3G and Bluetooth, acellerometer plus an additional 32GB extra storage thanks to a microSD card.

The firm has already started to take pre-orders here and the Storm 2 will be joining the likes of the Satio, the Nokia N97 Mini and the Samsung Vodafone 360H1, all of which fall in the same price bracket.

Customers will receive 600 minutes, unlimited texts, mobile internet and webmail as well as Blackberry Internet Solution when taking the 24-month contact. The next £40 per month contract brings in an additional 300 minutes as well as unlimited landline calls.

Our Comments

Stephen Fry has yet to say whether or not he likes the Blackberry Storm 2 or not. One can expect RIM to send him a free smartphone. Now the Storm 2 appears to be a stopgap until Vodafone gets the iPhone early next year. You don't need to believe me. Go to Vodafone's shop homepage and look for the Storm 2. No trace of it. However, the iPhone 3G S is up there, well above the fold.

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