HTC Hero Beats iPhone To Grab T3 Gadget Award

The HTC Hero has added another feather to its cap by winning the Phone of the Year award announced by UK technology website T3.

The win saw the Android based HTC Hero beating illustrious contenders like the Apple iPhone and Nokia N97 and it has received nearly 135,000 votes from T3 readers.

According to T3, the phone seems to perform most functions quite well and hence it has won accolades from its readership of technology savvy people.

Explaining the rationale behind the win, T3 editor Michael Brook mentioned "Our readership are early adopters. So something will happen in T3 terms and then it will happen six months to a year later in mainstream terms. Certainly in ours, it is making real inroads into Apple's dominance."

The win for HTC Hero also comes as shot in the arm for Google’s Android mobile operating system which has at times been derided by some critics as a poor cousin of the iPhone OS in terms of features and the win is sure to raise its stock amongst smartphone enthusiasts.

Though it lost out on the Phone of the Year award, iPhone still managed to win recognition as the "Commuter Gadget of the Year" along with being celebrated as the "Gadget You Can't Live Without".

Our Comments

The HTC Hero is certainly a good gadget but we wouldn't consider it to be a smartphone as good as the iPhone. What's more, other Android smartphones are certainly better than the Hero but came too late to change the vote. Ultimately, the Hero is mainstream smartphone compared to the iPhone.

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