Microsoft Recruits Family Guy For Windows 7 Launch

While the launch day of the much vaunted Windows 7 is inching closer, Microsoft Corp. is trying out rather unconventional and creative ways to make the launch a grand success.

The software giant has announced plans to shell out a not-so-insignificant amount of money to sponsor Fox’s uber popular forthcoming "Family Guy" special to attract the potential customers towards its new operating system.

Commenting upon the move, the Redmond based software major said in a statement: “The cornerstone of the effort is the exclusive Windows 7 sponsorship of an upcoming television event devoted to the comedy of Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show”.

The Family Guy Special show, which is set to be broadcasted on 8 November, will have no commercials, breaks, or any sort of network promotion. Instead of this, the show, according to Microsoft, “feature unique Windows 7-branded programming that blends seamlessly with show content”.

In addition, the show will also feature MacFarlane’s ‘Family-Guy’ co-star Alex Borstein, and the duo will present a compilation of live-action performances of Family Guy musical numbers, celebrities, original animation segments, as well as comedy acts.

Microsoft isn’t restricting its efforts to TV shows, as the company is also planning a 12-week college tour along with Fox that will offer around 300,000 college goers to try their hands on the Windows 7 operating system.

Our Comments

So MacFarlane is going to get Windows 7 on Family Guy and American Dad but not on the Simpsons or South Park. What a shame! Anyhow, this is something that open source proponent won't be able to get since Microsoft probably paid a few million dollars for this kind of product placement.

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