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More Details About Google Chrome OS Coming Soon?

With the buzz surrounding Google’s upcoming Chrome OS increasing with each passing day, reports floating on the blogosphere seem to indicate that Google is holding an event today on its highly anticipated operating system at its Mountain View Campus.

The event is likely to give more details about the operating system including its possible features and information on early builds; it may also give a hint about the company’s strategy about rolling out its in operating system. has also released some details about the Chrome Browser that will come with Chrome OS; the Alpha version runs only on Linux and is quite buggy - something one might have expected given that we're still early days.

Some of the key features about the Chrome OS, which incidentally is Linux based, that has come to light include a sophisticated navigation bar a status bar with a possible clock à la Windows Vista/7

It is interesting to note that Google has labelled its upcoming operating system as a lightweight operating system which will initially be aimed at the netbook market and will in essence look to incorporate three key elements namely speed, security and simplicity.

Though it is not clear how the final OS will shape up, most analysts and technology enthusiasts have high expectations from the search giant which has a history of bringing out exemplary products.

Our Comments

Don't know for sure whether it will be boom or a bust for Google. We have said in the past that it is more than likely that Chrome OS and Android will merge in a near future because both platforms essentially target the same market. There's no real difference - in terms of hardware - between Netbooks and modern smartphones per se. Case in Point, yesterday, Acer released a netbook with Android AND Windows 7.

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