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Nokia Officially Debuts Booklet 3G Netbook On AT&T

Nokia will sell its Booklet 3G Netbook through Best Buy stores exclusively with a two year data plan contract from AT&T which will bring the total cost to just under $1800.

Prospective buyers will face paying $360 for the stylish netbook and for the first month of usage. They will then have to fork out $60 per month for 23 consecutive months before the lease expires and their netbooks become theirs.

There's also the fact that the data plan covers only 5GB worth of data per month which is ridiculously low and could catch even moderate users who might end up paying extra for each GB downloaded.

Channelweb reports that there are other lower-priced netbooks, although none would match the Booklet 3G appearance and finish. The HP Mini 1151NR costs $200 initial with a total contract price of $960 over two years.

AT&T also faces criticisms over the poor mobile broadband coverage that it offers compared to some of its competitors. Last week, Verizon Wireless targeted AT&T with a viral advert poking fun at AT&T much maligned mobile network, saying that "there's a map for that".

The Nokia Booklet 3G will cost £500 which is more than twice what you would pay for a "normal" netbook and is set to launch on the 22nd of October, the day Windows 7 launches.

It also comes with a 12 hours battery life and integrated 3G connectivity. You will be able to buy it, rip-off free, in the US for $599 unsubsidised.

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In comparison, in the UK, Three is selling a Samsung N130 netbook (opens in new tab) with 15GB of data allowance per month for £25 per month, that's £600 per month or $960, almost half the price of the AT&T Booklet 3G with three times the data allowance.

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