Twitter Urges Users Not To Change Their Personal Details

Microblogging website Twitter is cautioning its users not to change their passwords, usernames, or email addresses, as this could result in locking them out of the service.

Some users who have changed their login credentials for the website have mentioned losing access to their accounts, and had to encounter error messages like “Wrong user name/email and password combination”, or “Sorry, we couldn’t verify that this user requested a password reset”.

Many users have already lodged their complaints surrounding the issue, with the popular website vowing to redress the situation as soon as possible. Some of the afflicted users were even directed to a page showing tips on retrieving the lost passwords.

The website said it is currently looking into the complaints from the users who have been locked out of the service after they changed their usernames, passwords, or email addresses.

Recognising the erroneous situation, the website noted: “This seems to affect new users as well as long term users; we do not advise changing your user name, email address, or password at this time.”

Incidentally, the issue seems to be originating from an ongoing investigation into a few technical glitches that rattled the website a week earlier, when Status Updates on the website froze for several hours.

Our Comments

Growing pains for Twitter, hey. The microblogging website has been a resounding success until now and is struggling to cope with its growing audience and the amount of traffic it is generated. It still manages to crash from time to time when traffic is significantly higher than expected. But then, it is a free service for now.

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