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Youtube Pioneering Status Made it Popular

The popularity of the video sharing site YouTube has grown by leaps and bounds as the site is currently clocking nearly a billion hits per day, according to its founder Chad Hurley.

Expressing his satisfaction at the development, Hurley in a video post, made on last Friday, mentioned “I'm proud to say that we have been serving well over a billion views a day on YouTube. This is great moment in our short history and we owe it all to you.”

The increasing popularity of the site has been attributed by many analysts to its early mover advantage and to the fact that the site is currently owned by Google which allows it to offer a great range of services even while its earnings are low.

Analysts like Julian Clover, from Broadband TV News have commented that the increasing popularity of the site is due to the fact “it has got the brand”, which essentially means that more people know about the website than any other site in its genre.

With YouTube looking to go in for content sharing agreement with various broadcasters including the likes of Channel 4, the popularity of the site can only soar in near future.

Our Comments

Being amongst the first in a nascent industry does help but not always. Before Google, there was Altavista and Hotbot but they failed to challenge Google. Ditto for Myspace and Friendster which have not been able to slow down the rise of Facebook. But before Youtube, there were only crappy video websites that failed to quench the masses' thirst for online video.

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