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Details Of Barnes & Noble Ebook Appear Online

A series of images and details has surfaced surrounding a new e-book reader device being developed by the popular e-book retailer Barnes and Nobles, according to a report from the technology blog Gizmodo.

The leaked images and specifications indicated that the new device would have dimensions similar to those of Amazon’s renowned e-book gadget Kindle, and that the device would be available in two distinct configurations.

The first would have a six-inch E-Ink display, with a screen resolution of 800x600, and boasts of similar contrast and refresh rate as that of Amazon’s Kindle, while the second one would sport a multi-touch LCD screen.

The reports further suggested that the new device from the house of Barnes and Nobles would be based on Google’s Android platform, and would include an on-screen keyboard, akin to ha of he Apple’s blockbuster iPhone.

Along with the titles bought through the retailer’s online catalogues, users would also be able to purchase titles stored on Google Books service, the report added.

With its new device, Barnes and Nobles would join the league of a host of companies currently there in the e-book reader domain where Amazon is leading the segment with its iconic Kindle e-book reader gadget.

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