Google Targets Amazon With Online Electronic Bookstore Service

Google Inc. seems to be poised to take on rival Amazon in the e-book service domain, as the search engine giant is planning to unveil an online e-book library called Google Editions somewhere in the first half of the next year.

Speaking at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Google revealed plans to launch the online e-book service, which will enable customers to buy an e-book from a wide range of resources, while keeping hat e-book n the “cloud library” to let the buyer has an access to it using any device anytime.

The service would offer a whopping 400,000 to 600,000 titles initially, and would enable anyone with a web browser and internet connection to have access to it.

Tom Turvey, chief of the publisher partnership programme from the Google Book Service, cited the significance of the cloud library by saying: “The way the e-book market will evolve is by accessing the book from anywhere, from an access point of view and also from a geographical point of view”.

Google will be experimenting with a couple of business models with the new service, as it would either sell the e-books directly from the platform and have 37 percent commission, or sell them through retailer or publisher with a distinct commission arrangement.

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