Increasing UK Web Users Go Online For Health Issues Reveals Ofcom

In what can be seen as another evidence of the increasing importance of internet in our lives, a new report published by media regulator Ofcom, has revealed that nearly 48 percent people use the internet to find more about health related issues.

When it comes to finding information about illness online, women users seem to be ahead of men as nearly 53 percent of female respondents of the study confirming that they have searched the internet for medical advice.

While using the internet for searching medical information may appear as an easy choice, many medical experts caution against avoiding diagnosis by a medical practitioner by using the internet, as the information presented online may not be quite detailed, may miss out on crucial facts and at times is not properly organised.

The Adults' Media Literacy interim report brought out by Ofcom has also revealed a number of other interesting facts like the increasing usage of internet by the people in 65 plus age bracket and by those belonging to socially disadvantaged groups.

The report also shows that there has been a reduction in the number users carrying online transactions on a regular basis while the number people using social networking sites have apparently doubled since 2007.