Sony Introduces 250GB PS3 Gaming Console For $350

With an eye on the upcoming holiday season, Sony is all set to unveil an upgraded version of its popular PlayStation 3 (PS3) gaming platform and it is reportedly expected to sport a price tag of $350.

The new PS3 is expected to offer a host of improvements over its previous cousin and it will come with 250 gigabytes of memory which will allow it to store more games and movie and television content.

While not much is not know about the features that the new model will sport, Sony says that the new iteration of the PS3 will retain the same slim look, feel which has been characteristic of its popular gaming console.

It is important to note that while the PS3 has a dedicated fan following, it still lacks behind its more illustrious competitors like the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox when it comes to sales volume and Sony would be hoping that the new PS3 will be able to sharply boost its sale.

In order to increase the popularity of the gaming console, Sony has also added a large amount of new content to its PlayStation Network's video delivery service including recently released blockbuster movies like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

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