Young People Happiest Online Says Survey

According to a new research done by the charity organization Youthnet, a large section of young people today feel the happiest when they happen to be online.

The study conducted by Youthnet was initiated with an idea of examining the impact of the digital world on youngsters in the age group of 16 to 24 and it has apparently revealed the degree of importance the internet holds in their lives.

According the results obtained in the study, nearly 75 percent of those surveyed have categorically expressed that would not be able to live without the internet while nearly 45 percent of them believe that they are at their happiest self when they are online.

The study also found out the fact that a large number of respondents use the internet to find information while they also shared and crosschecked with their peers.

While examining the behaviour of youngsters on the internet, the research also found out that most brands today are not adequately reaching out to the young people.

Expressing his views on the subject Professor David Hulme, who authored the research report, mentioned “Marketers are really just wrapping up the old-fashioned method of control and broadcast and making it look young. What teens want is to be given something and allowed to do anything with it, which is hard for marketers to grasp.”

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