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Palm Pre Now Available From £34.26 Per Month

The Palm Pre has finally landed in the UK and is currently on sale from O2 for as little as £34.26 per month with a 24 month contract, this puts it in direct competition with Apple's iPhone 3G which is available for the same budget. The deal includes unlimited WiFi (opens in new tab) and Web access, 600 minutes and 500 texts as well.

Palm's first smartphone - for a long time - has already had a massive boost as one research revealed that demand for the device outstripped that of the iPhone 2G.

However, symptomatically, O2's website remained up and running as the Pre started to sell and there were no reports of people queuing up, in sharp contrast to what happened when the iPhone was first launched back in 2007 on O2.

The phone hasn't been a hit with everyone but to be fair, the pros outweigh the cons according to a number of reviewers and left us wondering how the Pre 2 would look like (and feel).

O2 has confirmed that they are working on bringing the Palm Pre on a PAYG basis and it would be interesting to see whether they pit it, yet again, against the iPhone - with a selling price in excess of £340.

The Telefonica-owned company has also confirmed that current O2 customers can pay the balance of their contact off so that they can upgrade to the Pre as soon as possible.

Our Comments

It is quite disappointing though that we had to wait so long for the phone to appear in the UK. Since then, the iPhone 3GS and a dozen of other capable smartphones have been launched with Palm even leaking any details over a potential Palm Pre device. Still, it will be interesting to see how the sales of Pre compares with that of the iPhone 2G.

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