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Android 2.0 "Eclair" Debuts On The Web, Set To Launch Before Christmas

The much anticipated new iteration of Google’s mobile operating system, Android, apparently offers a host of new features and comes with many new innovative options according to Boy Genius Report who have tested the new software.

To start with, the new version of Android comes with a fast browser, extends Facebook support and offers the Layers feature on Google Maps along with ability to accurately display traffic conditions and zoom in features.

The new version of Android, which is known as Eclair, has made large improvements in its text to speech features for better receiving of voice commands and it also now offers a comprehensive lock function.

It has also unified the email inbox and now also offers Native Exchange support which is likely go down well with business users. Other improvements include an overhauled settings tab and it now allows you to customize the refresh rate of your webpage besides allowing you to set the browser to refresh whenever the phone is moved.

Experts believe that Google is trying to offer a host of goodies in order to make its mobile operating system compete on a stronger footing with other rivals like the iPhone operating system or the WebOS and that with time the Android will be able to match up to iPhone’s class leading standards.

Our Comments

Momentum for Android is growing very fast, certainly than many - including us - had predicted. Android 2.0, Eclair, could well be the breakthrough, the tipping point that many have expected. To make things worse for Apple, the iPhone 4G is still months away and it won't be until June next year that Apple will have an answer to the Android invasion.

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