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Online Service Helps Users Compare Broadband Speeds With Neighbours

The importance of broadband in the lives of people in UK seems to weigh more than that of a pub with a recent survey highlighting the fact more homeowners are interested in residing in an area which offers better broadband speeds than has proximity to a pub.

According to the study conducted by Top 10 Broadband, a number of homeowners expressed their desire to know the position of broadband access in a neighborhood where they were looking to reside and they would prefer if estate agents listed broadband speeds available in the houses they were promoting.

The study also showed that a significant section of people surveyed were jealous of their neighbours in case they had access to a faster broadband connection.

The report comes as Top 10 Broadband has just released a tool, called Streetstats, which allows you to compare broadband speeds in a particular area.

It is interesting to note that Top 10 Broadband offers a broadband speed test that allows internet users to calculate their broadband speeds and till now it has displayed the results of over 170,000 tests on a map which gives an area wise indication of the available broadband speeds.

The survey clearly highlights that increasingly more and more people are looking at broadband as a very essential component of their lives and its speed and availability are influencing their decisions in many fields including where they choose to stay.

Our Comments

Unfortunately, it seems that the website is having technical problems due to massive demand (and traffic) which is a tad ironic. Broadband is a significant factor of modern life and many of our assumptions as to what makes life enjoyable (hotel bookings, online purchases, video on demand) are based around this service.

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