Google Starts Massive Advertising Campaign For Google Apps

Google has initiated a major ad campaign highlighting the benefits offered by its Google Apps and the advantages of its cloud computing solution and it is attempting to target enterprise customers who have long remained loyal to Microsoft.

Close on the heels of its recent campaign in the United States which advocated its cloud based solutions over software assurance agreements that Microsoft typically provides, the new ad campaign from Google signals its intention to directly challenge Microsoft in the enterprise market.

Google expects the sales of its cloud solution to pick up and its top sales executive Nikesh Arora has enthusiastically stated “We are also seeing lots of traction among small and medium-sized businesses, which continue to increase at a fast pace.”

The campaign from Google is expected to be one of the most visible campaigns that the search engine giant has ever planned and it hopes to garner a lot of attention from its target audience.

Some analysts even suggest that the new campaign titled “Going Google” is directly targeted at getting customers away from Microsoft and the campaign may not go down well with the marketing guys at Microsoft who are readying for the launch of Windows 7 in a few days.

Our Comments

Good to see Google practicing what they preach. They are primarily an online advertising company since this is where they get the majority of their revenues. What makes it even more interesting is that Google will be banking on traditional advertising medium such as billboards.

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