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Rumour : Is Apple Running iPhone 4G On Verizon Wireless LTE Infrastructure?

Apple has apparently started testing a CDMA version of the iPhone, possibly the iPhone 4G, on Verizon's 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network according to claims that have surfaced on the web.

Sources close to the project have told website,, that the two companies have been quietly working together over the last two months. Verizon Wireless is the US largest mobile phone operator with a network coverage significantly better than AT&T. also understands that Mr Lowell McAdam, Verizon's CEO, might have paid a visit to Apple headquarters to discuss a potential tie up. Apple needs to ramp up the sales of the iPhone if it wants to surpass last year's sales (or its shares price might suffer).

The only way to make that happen would be to get other networks to join the fray and Verizon would be the ideal partner. The killer point though is that Verizon will release its 4G LTE network next year in one swoop, rather than bit by bit which means that users will be able to access a brand new network overnight.

There are also unfounded rumours that Verizon could also become one of the partners (if not the exclusive one) that will deliver the necessary infrastructure for Apple's forthcoming Tablet PC.

It is likely that the iPhone will be available both 4G and 3G versions to cater for different audiences. You can find out more about what we expect the iPhone 4G to look like over here.

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