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Amazon Kindle Now Officially Available In UK

In an apparent bid to outperform the emerging rivals which include the likes of Sony as well as Barnes and Nobles, Amazon is launching an International Edition of its hugely popular Kindle e-book reader device to lure bookworms in around 100 countries, including the UK.

The new iteration of the e-book device, which will be priced at £177, has already been made available to the UK users from 19 October.

However, UK customers would still need to purchase the device from the American version of the company’s website, and have to wait until the device gets shipped across the Atlantic.

There are no perceptible differences between the international version of the device and Kindle 2, as the latest version of the device also sports a 6-inch screen and offers Wi-Fi connectivity to enable the customers buy their favourite titles without requiring the computer.

In addition, the device comprises a spacious 2GB memory, good enough to hold as many as 1,500 e-books, and weighs less than its paperback counterpart (ed: try carrying 1500 books).

The special e-ink technology of the device further diminishes strain on the eyes, and thereby tenders trouble-free reading experience to its users.

Currently, the UK customers have access to 280,000 titles, of which around 70,000 are priced at a bargain £3.75, while most of them will have a price tag between £7.70 and £8.80.

Our Comments

In all fairness, the Kindle is a great piece of hardware although we believe that it will be facing some very tough competition as early as next January when the Apple Tablet PC and others are, as expected, launched at the CES show in Las Vegas. Furthermore, smartphones are being shipped with bigger and better screens (the HTC HD2 for example has a 4.3-inch one) and already bundle ebook apps.

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