Microsoft Windows 7 Already Shipping In UK

In order to avoid the upcoming postal strikes in UK, Microsoft has started shipping copies of its new Windows 7 operating system to retailers.

The move from Microsoft to "pre-pone" the dispatch of the copies of its operating system is seen by many as a wise move, given the level of anticipation amongst people to try out the new software.

The news about early shipment of Windows 7 first emerged when people started posting messages on internet message boards that the software has arrived at retailers well before their earlier mentioned shipping date of Oct 21.

Amongst the first to get their hands on the Windows 7 software, will be customers who pre-ordered the product from retailers like PC World and Currys.

It is interesting to note that many retailers have initiated backup plans to avoid any delivery related issues if the proposed strike by Communication Workers Union, comes into effect.

The success of Windows 7 is very crucial for Microsoft, especially in the context of the lukewarm response that Vista received; the software giant is not leaving any stones unturned in order to promote the product and idea to start shipping copies early, goes on to show that Microsoft is not leaving anything to chance.

Our Comments

Wise move indeed from Microsoft. Shipping Windows 7 early will certainly earn the software giant a few cookie points from the early adopters. That said, quite a few amongst us have already got Windows 7 running courtesy of MSDN/Technet or through the RTM version that was available until earlier this year.

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