Nintendo Announces Limited Edition Black Nintendo Wii Bundle

Nintendo has unveiled a black version of its popular Wii gaming console that will be launched in the UK just in time for Christmas and will come with assorted black accessories as well.

The Japanese manufacturer has also announced that it will offer a number of peripherals, all in black, including a new Classic Controller Pro which is an improved version of the existing controller.

The Black Wii bundle will be come as part of the Wii Sports Resort pack that the new Wii Sports Resort game and the original Wii Sports. It will go on sale in the UK on the 6th of November and in the rest of Europe on the 20th.

The product has been launched in Japan already but has yet to reach the US. The price of the bundle should hover around £160 although its limited edition etiquette might push the price even higher.

It is not known whether Nintendo could extend the range of colours even further with a whole spectrum of colours including pink, beige or even emerald blue, just like Apple with the iPod Nano.

Our Comments

Why a different colour? Well, there's the fact that a black gaming console is trendier. Both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 exist in black (although the former also has a grey colour scheme). It also provides Nintendo with the opportunity to increase the price of the item marginally.

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