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Ofcom Wants Additional Spectrum For London 2012

UK telecommunication watchdog Ofcom has disclosed that it is mulling over the plans to borrow spectrum from various public units in a bid to address the extraordinary demand of airwaves during the 2012 London Olympics.

The telecom regulator has suggested borrowing spectrum currently being used by a couple of public bodies, including the Ministry of Defence and the Civil Aviation Authority, to address the short-term demand during the global event.

However, Ofcom has stressed that it wouldn’t jeopardise the necessary public services by using the spectrum owned by the public bodies for the 2012 Olympics, and that the organisations have already accorded the plans to make the necessary resources available.

In addition, the regulator has further confirmed that it will be utilising the spectrum freed up by the forthcoming digital television switchover.

Presumably, there would be a huge demand for the radio spectrum during the event, as the regulator would have to cover everything from the event organisers’ walkie-talkies and remote microphones, to TV cameras broadcasting the event to a massive five billion audience across the globe.

Jill Ainscough, Ofcom’s chief operating officer, said in a statement: “Consumers and businesses are using wireless technologies more than ever. In the UK, spectrum-related businesses account for one-thirtieth of GDP, and spectrum use is growing fast”.

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London 2012 will also be the first global event where high definition content will become mainstream with a significant chunk of it being transferred around wirelessly and over short distances. The same procedure could be recycled and reused later in the next decade as UK looks to host the World Cup finals

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