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Oracle Should Not Get Hold Of MySQL Say Open Source Activitists

A number of different groups and individuals have appealed to the EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes to stop leading database vendor Oracle from taking over Sun Microsystems as it allows the company to take control of MySQL.

Incidentally MySQL is widely seen by many as a major competitor to Oracle’s flagship database solution and hence the move to acquire the product by Oracle through its acquisition of Sun has the potential to hamper competition.

Opponents of the deal include the renowned open source campaigner Richard Stallman and civil rights groups like Open Rights Group and the Knowledge Ecology International. (ed : check our 5 Things That Sun Microsystems' Acquisition By Oracle Will Change article)

In a letter to the Competition Commissioner, the opponents of proposed take over move have pointed out the potential risks of allowing Oracle to take over MySQL and mentioned “If Oracle is allowed to acquire MySQL, it will predictably limit the development of the functionality and performance of the MySQL software platform, leading to profound harm to those who use MySQL software to power applications.”

Joining the debate over the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle, MySQL creator Michael Widenius has suggested that Oracle should agree to divest off MySQL once it acquires Sun Microsystems, a move which is likely to adequately address antitrust concerns.

Our Comments

The underlying question is whether Oracle can be trusted. The company, which is still one of the largest software firms in the world, is not as diversified as Microsoft and could stand to lose most from the success of open source than Microsoft. There is therefore a real possibility that Oracle might try to stun the growth of MySQL.

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