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Survey Shows UK Voters Would Say No To Filesharers Disconnection Plans

A fairly large proportion of the UK public has shown a rather pessimistic attitude towards the government’s proposed plans to compel ISPs to block the internet connection of the users suspected of illicit downloading, says a recent survey.

The recent research study, commissioned by the Open Rights Group and carried out by YouGov, has showed that around 68 percent of the people surveyed said the users surmised of illicit downloading should have the right to trial in a court before being hit with any sorts of restrictions on their internet usage.

It further showed that around one-third of the respondents were less inclined to vote for the political party that backs disconnection in the wake of suspected illegal downloading.

Only 16 percent of the respondents were in favour of automatic restrictions on the internet usage of those suspected of unauthorised downloading, based on allegations by copyright holders.

The results could be considered as the wake-up call for the Business Department, which is continuously pressing the need for strict measures, including automatic disconnection, to crack down on illegal file-sharers.

Quoting the same, Jim Killock, the executive director of the Open Rights Group, said in a statement: “This poll shows people rely on the internet, and an overwhelming majority think that access should only ever be withdrawn as the result of court action”.

Our Comments

Who wouldn't want to get something for nothing. When ATMs go berserk from time to time and distributes money randomly, many would just take the money and literally run. Ditto for file sharing,. it was highly likely that the survey would have favoured the file sharers and not the content producers. After all, file sharing is considered by many - unfortunately - as a victimless crime.

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