UK Government To Use Mobile Broadband To Provide High Speed Internet To 90 Percent Of Country

The UK government has laid out the roadmap for upgrading the nation’s wireless services by rolling out next-generation wireless technologies coupled with bolstering up 3G coverage all across the country, it has been reported.

A government-backed consultation has been launched to assess the recommendations from an independent spectrum broker, Kip Meek, on ways to get the best out of the UK’s internet network, according to the Department of Business, Innovations and Skills.

The proposed plans would enhance access to the digital spectrum in an attempt to extend mobile broadband services reach to the 90 percent population of the country.

The authorities have further noted that a portion of the network appropriate for 3G and mobile broadband networks will be released to pave the way for high-end applications and software tools to be offered.

The Digital Britain Minister Stephen Timms said the government would surely bring upon the necessary changes if its notion of “a world-class digital infrastructure” seems to be getting turned into an actual reality.

“To realise that vision it's vital that we make the best use of the digital spectrum and ensure that sufficient bandwidth is available for sophisticated next generation services, and not just calls and texts”, he said in a statement.

The government would work in conjunction with the telecom watchdog Ofcom to free up the 800MHz spectrum, in order to further ramp up the country’s digital infrastructure significantly.

Our Comments

Dramatically improving mobile broadband access is possibly the fastest and the cheapest way of making sure that the digital divide is significantly reduced. Rather than digging thousands of miles of road to place fiber optic cables, it will be easier to improve wireless infrastructures at least as a stop gap solution.

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