8mbps Be Value Broadband for £6.75 per month

Broadband straight up. Fantastic value. Super-reliable. And with a solid download speed of up to 8 meg. Get what you want, without limits, and with a fair usage policy that is actually fair.

Download at speeds of up to 8meg. And upload at up to 1.3meg. Nice. Chuck the cables away. Go wifi and get internet access all over your house, for multiple computers.

Expert support. Lots of people talk about it, but rarely get it. If you have a problem, raise a support ticket, start a live chat, email or phone us or ask the BE user community to help solve your internet problems.

Downloads are subject to our rather fair usage policy. Your actual speed will be affected by factors that are out of our hands, such as your distance from the exchange.

Get first 12 months half price on the BE Value product by using offer code 'halfprice', normal charges apply thereafter. BT line and minimum term required. Offer ends 31 October 2009.

You can buy the Be Broadband Value Deal from Be for £6.75 per month.