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Google Could Launch Its Own Android-based Smartphone

In what could be seen as the most bizarre Android speculation that surfaced so far, rumours are abuzz that Google is prepping its own Android-powered handset, according to reports from

An analyst from Northeast Securities, Ashok Kumar, has stunned the telecommunications industry, particularly Verizon Wireless (with whom Google has a strategic alliance), when he told the website that the search engine giant is itself planning to release its own Android-powered smartphone as soon as this year.

According to Kumar, the device could shake-up the entire dynamics of the carrier-driven telecom industry, as he predicted that such a handset would be unlocked and would be available directly through retailers.

Although unlocked handsets are generally a bit costlier than their carrier-offered cousins, but then they let the users stay free from the restrictions imposed by the carriers.

In addition, the analyst further claimed that the device would be manufactured by some yet-to-be-named third party manufacturer, probably HTC, and would sport Google’s tag.

The report goes on to suggest that “The move would fulfill Google’s pledge to bring a new generation of open-standard mobile Internet devices to consumers.”

“By bypassing the carriers, who keep tight controls over the features and applications that are allowed on phones, Google will presumably offer a device that lets users determine the functions”, it added.

Our Comments

Google having its own smartphone, that is something that would possibly spook many operators worldwide. Microsoft has been careful not to ruffle their feathers but it looks as if Google wants to challenge their way of doing things just like Apple, with the iPhone, did before.

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