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IBM VMControl To Slash Datacentre Management Costs

IBM on Tuesday unleashed a new software bundle tailored to pull the management of distinct arrays of servers under a single canopy, offering administrators an enhanced control over their systems.

The new software suite codenamed “IBM VMControl”, coupled with a new iteration of Tivoli Provisioning Manager, would help trimming down business costs dramatically while catalysing the deployment of virtual systems.

The tool would assist administrators manage Microsoft’s Hyper-V, VMware, Linux KVM, as well as Xen virtual machines running on x86 infrastructure, z/VM on its mainframes, PowerVM on Power System Servers from IBM - all operating through one management console.

IBM said that the new tool would be helpful for the companies that have already embraced virtualisation, but are yet to reap the benefits of the same.

It allows for viewing both physical and virtual servers in one place by pooling various resources of the infrastructure, which in turn comes handy for firms to manage their systems better and allocate resources appropriately.

This further lessens the risks of over utilization as well as under-capacity while ascertaining most efficient use of power, storage, and memory.

Mick Walker, dynamic infrastructure principal at IBM, puts it as: “Companies adopting the use of VMControl across their IT infrastructure will discover a significant visualisation, control and automation capability that brings operational benefits to virtual systems management, storage and networking”.

Our Comments

IBM's VMControl would help system administrators to roll out heterogeneous platforms more easily using a single point of entry and virtualisation sitting squarely at the core of the product. VMControl joins the ever growing list of IBM virtualisation-related products and services as part of Systems Director.

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