Microsoft Launches Windows 7 Officially In UK

Microsoft held a low-key event earlier today in London to mark the official launch of its new operating system, Windows 7, and hopefully erase the bad memories associated with Windows Vista.

In an era where broadband internet provides us with a 24-hour data feed, there was not much to be revealed today about Microsoft's new flagship product (ed: you got your free Windows Vista Ultimate copy worth £200 so, job done for you).

What we did see though were the main protagonists at Microsoft UK including Ashley Highfield, the guy behind iPlayer and now at Microsoft, Julie Larson Green, VP of Windows Experience and Leila Martine, director of the Windows consumer division at Microsoft UK.

From the onset, the various speakers mentioned the fact that Microsoft now listens to its consumers (ed: what were they doing before) and the words "three screens and one cloud" were uttered frequently during the presentation.

It was also revealed that more than 15 million people worldwide have used the beta version of Windows 7 with roughly half of them not getting a legitimate copy from Microsoft (i.e. went through friends, P2P, downloading websites etc).

There were also mentions of the fact that sales of computers have now overtaken that of television with more money spent on internet advertising than on television ads.

The launch of Windows 7 is happening in the middle of (or some would say just after) the worst recession over the last few decades and Microsoft has judiciously chosen to keep the Windows 7 launch as simple as possible.

On the whole, Windows 7 has been better received than Windows Vista. This is partly due to the fact that Microsoft has made the effort of listening to its partners and that the latter, and the early adopters know exactly what they can expect from the OS.

Our Comments

We don't think that Microsoft will need another Mojave experiment to prove Windows 7's worth. Windows 7 will be working very well simply because those who didn't jump on the Vista ship (like myself, BT and millions of other customers) will do so now.

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