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Microsoft Prepping Minor Windows Mobile 6.51 Upgrade

While Windows Mobile 6.5 platform isn’t apparently turning out to be a success on several handsets, Microsoft Corp. has decided to come up with a more user-friendly stopgap version of the operating system, version 6.5.1, before it upgrades the platform to the next-generation Windows Mobile 7.

Microsoft has only recently released Windows Mobile 6.5 - on October 6th - but the software maker has reportedly been working on an update which will incorporate features that were left out.

The new stopgap iteration will bring in a host of improvements, such as the inclusion of a rewritten, touch-friendly contact application, according to the reports from the tech blog DownloadSquad.

In addition, the company is also bringing several user interface (UI) tweaks, like check boxes, re-designed buttons, and radio buttons in a bid to significantly enhance the visual appeal to the overall looks of the operating system.

The release date of the updated version hasn’t been declared yet, though some unofficial copies of the build for some specific handsets are already been available in the wild.

This seems to be an indispensable move for the software giant, as a number of Microsoft’s partner companies have been replacing parts of Windows Mobile operating systems with their own.

HTC HD2, for instance, is not only including a significantly modified touch UI, Sense, but also is adding multi-touch capability into it.

Our Comments

Good to see Microsoft firing on all cylinders with Windows 6.5.1 almost out and Windows 7 Mobile in the pipeline. Microsoft desperately needs to up the ante and catch up with the rest of the competition. The iPhone, Blackberry and Android appear to have gathered significant momentum and Microsoft is the underdog for now.

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