Orange Upgrades Its Broadband Services To 20mbps

With an eye on increasing its penetration in the broadband market, telecommunications giant Orange has decided to boost its standard broadband speed offerings to up to 20mbps and it has also realigned its pricing plans in order to draw more subscribers.

The company has also launched a new marketing campaign with a catchy “No More Speeding Fines” tagline and it has rolled out four new subscription plans that range between £6.50 and £13 per month.

The move from Orange comes amidst reports that it has been losing out on customers in the broadband market which has seen increasing competition in recent months and its customer base too has also fallen below the one million mark.

Analysts believe that the decline in its customer base must have encouraged the company to radically increase the broadband speeds that it offered to customers.

However the new move from Orange also signifies its intent to aggressively compete in the broadband market and it comes close on heels of the company securing rights to launch the iPhone on its network from this holiday season.

Orange believes that it new competitively priced plans will go down well with customers who are looking at securing high speed broadband access at an affordable cost.

Our Comments

Remember, this is an "up-to-speed" and there is absolutely no way of being sure that you will get anywhere near that speed. So it is advisable that if you plan to buy from Orange, verify first that you can indeed achieve those speeds. Orange is piggybacking on BT which is why they can now upgrade their offers.

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